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"On Death and Cosmos" Exclusive Package Deal

Limited edition of 66 hand numbered copies of 
a Karyn Crisis shining skull giclee print in a black mat 
+ “On Death and Cosmos” digipack EP 
+ autographed photo, 

Customers number 6 and 66 will have a special bonus item included in the deal!

Package deal’s price is $39 for US and $44 everywhere else, includes shipping.

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Stream the new Ephel Duath’s song “Black Prism”

"Black Prism", the opening track of the upcoming Ephel Duath’s EP "On Death and Cosmos" is being exclusively premiered on right now. Enjoy!

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Pre-order “On Death and Cosmos” at a special discount price now

Hi everyone, 

I’m very excited to announce that Ephel Duath's EP “On Death and Cosmos" is available to pre-order at a special discount price from now until 21st of June only. To order go to the Agonia Records webstore

The EP is available in three different version: 

-Digipack EP

-Limited 200 copies 10” Black Vinyl + e-card for digital download 

-Limited 100 copies 10” Red Vinyl with silver and white splatter + e-card for digital download

This is the EP overview:

Ephel Duath's new EP “On Death and Cosmos” marks the band’s return to full activity after a break taken in 2010 due to economic struggle and consequential line- up turmoil. That break proved to be a very positive move considering Ephel Duath's renewed mindset and the effortless flow of creative energy the band is experiencing these days. Defiantly escaping categorizations of sort, Ephel Duath in 2012 is guitarist Davide Tiso  proudly joined by Karyn Crisis on vocals, Marco Minnemann on drums and Steve DiGiorgio on bass. 

Born from a tragic personal loss, “On Death and Cosmos” is a mini concept of three songs dealing with spirit attachment, abandonment and self-transformation. The EP’s lyrics poetically envision the crude expression of mourning and stand as some of the band’s most poetic to date. Musically, “On Death and Cosmos” underlines Davide Tiso's will of leading Ephel Duath to even more adventurous sonic landscapes: longer compositions characterized by a constant search for intensity, all developing the band’s primary goal: to offer comfort through a roller coaster of tense and unsettling music. 

More news to come soon!

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Metal Injection - On The Record - feat. Karyn Crisis

It’s time for people to realize how important Karyn Crisis has been for all the metal front-women out there. Karyn was the first, and without her balls and her will to break in a male dominated scene, most of the screaming-ladies-with-mic we have today would not be there. 

I’m glad that Metal Injection paid a fair tribute to Karyn Crisis on this new episode of “On The Record”.


That bald, ugly, millionaire bastard was right

Today I read that Roadrunner Europe is shutting down. I don’t know how credible is this news, but the rumour itself made me think once again how bad is the current state of the music industry. When a journalist asks to a band if they are pro or against illegal downloading, it’s always amusing for me to read that some bands are actually in favour of people stealing their work for free. I think is completely irresponsible for bands to get their words out that way, and, frankly, I can’t stop myself getting irritated by such stupid behaviours. I hate when people download my music for free, I don’t consider those people supporters of my band, whatever what they could possibly say or not say in their defence. Music nowadays is treated without any respect and I’m shocked to see the process getting worse and worse year after year. The fact that labels are closing is a terrible thing for the music business: it is not true that bands can bypass the label to get their music out, at least not at the current state of things. 

I am overwhelmed by the way new generations feel that everything is owed to them, sometime I would like to close my eyes on this poor and empty digital-addicted society of ours. 
When Metallica attacked Napster years ago, the whole thing was probably about greed, but everyone seemed more interested in booing the band instead of consider what Lars Ulrich was actually standing against. Where are we now? Bands nowadays are forced to tour their asses off for most of the year to be able to pay their rent. Some of them don’t make it and they still need to live with their parents past the age of 30. Bands nowadays spend thousands and thousands of dollars printing worthless merchandising to be able to keep touring, while their studio budgets get smaller and smaller and their bellies get wider for all the cheap junk food they are surviving with while on the road. Is this what it means to be a musician today? 
When I read that Gojira have their bank accounts in red I am scared for the future of this music I love so much.
Years ago I bet on my band as the only possible future for me: I lost my bet and now I paying the consequences. After seeing how bad things are getting in the music business I’m starting to think that doing a step back, finding a normal job and keep the band going as a part-time thing was the only right thing to do.
Illegal downloading is killing the music business: that bald, ugly, millionaire of Lars Ulrich was right, and I’m here stating that we should have listened to that bastard.